Birth Doula

Customized support throughout your pregnancy and birth.

I trained as a birth doula through DONA International at the Simkin Center for Allied Birth Vocations at Bastyr University. I am also a member of PALS (Pacific Association of Labor Support).

20160317-DSC_0347My role as a doula is to support and guide you through the process of pregnancy and birth, to make sure that your birth experience has all the pieces in place to be all that you desire — and that you’re prepared and content with your plan b… c, and d… if it doesn’t. I’m an information-loaded cheerleader, a master facilitator of the making of pros and cons lists, and a birth-and-baby-sherpa, all wrapped in one!

I am passionate about keeping doulas accessible and affordable to all birthing people, and work through Open Arms Perinatal Services to that goal. I am also dedicated to extending the role of the doula past standard conceptions, namely into fertility challenges and female reproductive system health advocacy. I am also knowledgeable about fertility awareness methods of conception and contraception. I work through North Star Doula in the particular context of fertility challenges, supporting through and holding space for the difficult and intense emotions that come with fertility interventions.


A birth doula is a support person as soon as you want him or her to be, from the moment of conception, until the months following the baby’s birth.

My birth doula services include support:

Before Birth
– 2 prenatal visits (typically at 30 and 36 weeks) to discuss your wishes, worries, and plan for your birth
– ongoing phone, text, and/or email support

During Birth
– I am on-call for your birth from weeks 38-42 (two weeks before and after your due date), with ability to get to you within 1-2hrs after you contact me

After Birth
– 1-2 postnatal follow up visits to make sure your new family’s needs are met, and to debrief and discuss your (and your partner’s, if applicable) experience of the birth


Optional Services
Birth Doula with a Camera – I also work as a professional photographer, but because I take both roles very seriously I don’t offer documentary birth photographer and doula services in tandem. As a doula I am a very grounding presence for you, as a photographer I capture the scene unfolding before me without partaking in it too much. That said, I am happy to take some photos for you as a doula, during the moments where I am less needed actively. Many people find this valuable as the baby is born, and immediately after.

Professional Lifestyle Newborn and Family Shoots – It is a pleasure to offer all doula clients 50% off a photoshoot once baby is home. See for options and details.


The investment for this services is typically $600, sliding scale and payment plan options available. Contact me for details. Or request an interview!