Cycle Doula

Too many people have experiences in health and wellness settings where they feel they only halfway understand what is happening to their bodies, don’t know how to ask the questions they want to — or even what those questions are — or like there’s something “missing” from their understanding.

Studies have shown that people aren’t getting a complete picture of their menstrual cycle in puberty (and otherwise), and don’t know the signs of their fertility in adulthood. This knowledge can get us pregnant, keep us from getting pregnant, tell us important information about our hormonal health, and help us understand how our birth control actually works.

As a cycle doula, I help you to move into greater understanding of your body through body literacy education and connections to further resources, as well as offer a supportive community that fosters body literacy and open conversation. I am, like a birth doula, a knowledgable advocate and guide on the path to this understanding. I can connect with you basic knowledge, and help you decide if a fertility educator, or other next steps, will be helpful for you. I am a good go-to for people who are exploring their options and looking for a baseline understanding.

You deserve to understand your body, and what its cyclical hormonal processes involve and how they connect to your overall wellness, as well have access to unbiased information about all the options you have in medical settings.



Approach 1: Cycle Literacy Support

This knowledge is what everyone who has a uterus, ovaries, and/or menstruates should know about their body. It is approached from a first-person perspective, for immediate considerations about hormonal health and fertility awareness.


Working One-on-One

Working one-on-one with people, I can easily connect you to the resources relevant to your particular needs.

Typically this looks like one initial in-person meeting in your home, where I offers the general break down of cycle literacy and guide you to a deeper understanding of your cycle. Prior to our meeting, we will chat on the phone so I have a basic understanding of where you’re coming from and what your goals are.


Follow up support is offered via phone or in person depending on your needs.

Approach 2: Ages and Stages Support & Education

This is knowledge targeted for people supporting teens through puberty, menstruation, and potentially birth control selection. In involves guidance on what is hardest for you, specifically, to support your child with, as well as an outline on the stages of body literacy and appropriate tools, ideas, and knowledge to offer tactfully at each stage.


I offer workshops through the Knowing Cycles Collaborative. Check out the website ( for a current schedule, or contact us to host a workshop for your business, girl scout troop, or school.