Mindfulness at Home

Not sure what to make of your child’s big emotions, how to support them through that experience, and how to help them better understand how to make peaceful choices? Want to better understand what’s going on in your child’s head? Does your child seem to “explode” beyond self control when an intense emotion arrives? Does your child feel restless, or is finding moments of relaxation, nap time, or bedtime a struggle? Want more tools to express and regulate your own emotions around your child’s behavior, or to understand where their behaviors are coming from?

I offer private, in-home and in-studio family mindfulness support and coaching for kids ages 4 and older. Mindfulness offers a lens through which family members can understand and become more aware of the behaviors and emotional processes of themselves and others.  As family members gain more awareness, they can access more compassion, tolerance, and peaceful acceptance for feelings, servings as a guide into problem solving mindsets rather than into stress responses.

Mindfulness Coaching Builds Emotional Confidence, Offers Connection, and Shifts Behavior Through Awareness and Understanding

As a mindfulness coach, I work as an advocate to help parents and caregivers increase their own awareness to see the roots of their child’s behavior, as a emotional translator to offer ways for everyone to communicate emotions more clearly, lovingly and respectfully, as an educator to help children understand their own somatic and emotional experience, and as a space-holder to help families experience the power of taking care of their nervous systems and finding the tools to feel peaceful and relaxed together.

Family mindfulness coaching is not therapy, and it does not diagnose or work towards clinical goals or treatment. It does not work to change behavior directly, artificially, or due to external motivators, but rather to change behavior as a natural effect of family members creating a greater sense of emotional safety and communication through awareness. Family mindfulness coaching can help put new perspectives on:

  • emotional processing, communication, and awareness
  • “negative” emotional tolerance and digestion skills
  • attention and focus challenges
  • emotionally-informed and mindful parenting technique
  • adult frustrations with/when parenting
  • self-care tools for kids and parents
  • understanding and controlling stress responses during conflict (escalation –> deescalation)

I prioritize using engaging ways to introduce mindfulness concepts to children, and my approach is catered fully to the needs, interests, and aptitudes of your family.


Curriculum consultations are also available for family, child, and school mindfulness topics for parenting groups, educators, companies, and enrichment programs. Please contact me detailing your specific needs for more information.



This has been impossibly difficult to write. Several months ago an adolescent family member was added to our already family of 5. Kiddo never had a consistent living situation longer than a week for the seven years leading up to their placement in our home. I wish that was an exaggeration. Every day was a battle. Screaming. Crying. Physical altercations. Stonewalling. Name calling. More screaming. So many tears. Every morning. Every night. Our home was a war zone with kiddo’s previous traumas at the front lashing out in every direction. Enter Kate. We hired Kate for twice-weekly family mindfulness and yoga practice. What we didn’t count on was how much she would care and how amazing it would be to have individualized instruction on mindfulness and communication for our family. She’s helped this kiddo learn the language of emotion, and helped us all gain the tools we need to communicate through this transition and into a functional family. Don’t get me wrong, we’re still dysfunctional, but there’s an amygdala and an anger iceberg on our fridge reminding us to pause, reframe and just feel our emotions without letting them control us. Kiddo is still young; things are still hard, but the daily bombs that were laying waste to our family are down to weekly, and sometimes even less than that. Our days are calmer and more connected and kiddo comes out of nowhere sharing their mindful moments with us. The transformation has been remarkable.


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