The Wheel of Emotions


Produced by l’Autrement dit, the Wheel of Emotions (“La Roue des Emotions”) is a tool for awareness, emotional labeling, and articulating feelings and needs.


This wheel is based on work and research in Non Violent Communication , Positive Psychology, and Mindfulness. Carl Rogers, of Non Violent Communication (NVC), highlighted that all emotion corresponds to one or more unsatisfied needs. A key element of mindfulness is being able to be “present” with our feeling, allowing us to decipher what our feelings are letting us know that we need. When the fuel gauge lights up on your dashboard, you know that you need to find a fuel pump. To simply name an emotion would be like saying: “Oh, the fuel gauge on my tank is lit up” and just continuing on without stopping to fill it. The easier it is for us to identify our emotions and our needs, the better off we are in handling our stress, and the more easily we access positive emotions. This emotional competence allows us to achieve higher self-confidence and to reduce stress, emotions are no longer seen as invasive and uncomfortable.

The wheel consists of three layers of spinners, and a window that allows you select one in each row: mood, emotion, and need. The needs are based on the non-violent communication needs inventory, and include: freedom, change, friendship, and understanding.

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