Parent & Tot and Parent & Preschooler Yoga

A combination of play-yoga and classical yoga postures, these are perfect classes for parents and toddlers and preschoolers to enjoy together! 


Winter Series (December – February) at  Soma Yoga (Ballard)

Register Here  (pre-registration required)

  • Parent & Tot
    Saturdays 10:30-11
    ages 2.5-4
    A introduction to play yoga, good for newcomers and younger friends.

    Focus: mirroring, pose repertoire, relaxation, balance, gross motor skills
  • Parent & Preschooler+
    Saturdays 11:15-12:15
    ages 4-6
    An opportunity to go more in-depth into poses and flows for older kids. 

    Focus: awareness, intentional movement, matching breath with movement, refined muscle control



Looking for older kid and teen yoga classes?
I don’t offer them currently, but confidently recommend Camille Dodson‘s classes (also at Soma Yoga)!