"What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" {Mary Oliver}


Yoga & Mindfulness


These offerings are strongly influenced by my background in eco-psychology, school and home based mindfulness support and interventions, trauma-informed somatics, and traditional Hatha Yoga. I strive to remain grounded in values of accessibility and sensitivity to cultural history and integrity to bring these practices, techniques, and ways of experiencing the world of feeling and sensation pragmatically into the modern lives of families. 


Scheduled Class Offerings 


This class is aimed to ages 2.5 through preschool.
It’s still a good match for some kiddos under 2.5,
the main prerequisite
is verbal ability to focus on the class. 

Location                                  Session Title
Soma Yoga (Ballard)             Winter Series (January / February 2018)
TBD                                          Spring Series (April / May 2018)
TBD                                          Fall Series (October/November 2018)