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Yoga & Mindfulness


These offerings are influenced by my background in eco-psychology, school and home based mindfulness support and interventions, trauma-informed somatics, and traditional Hatha Yoga. I strive to remain grounded in values of accessibility and sensitivity to cultural history and integrity to bring these practices, techniques, and ways of experiencing the world of feeling and sensation pragmatically into the modern lives of families. 



Parent + Tot/Preschooler Yoga
A combination of play-yoga and classical yoga postures, this is a perfect class for parents and toddler-through-preschoolers to enjoy together! This class is aimed to ages 2.5 through preschool. It’s still a good match for some kiddos under 2.5, the main prerequisite is verbal ability to focus on the class.

Location                                  Session 
Soma Yoga (Ballard)             Winter Series (Jan / Feb)
Soma Yoga (Ballard)             Spring Series (March / April)
TBD                                          Fall Series (Oct/Nov)




coachingI offer private, in-home and in-studio family mindfulness support and coaching. Family mindfulness coaching can help put new perspectives on:

  • emotional processing, communication, and awareness
  • “negative” emotional tolerance and digestion skills
  • attention and focus challenges
  • emotionally-informed and mindful parenting technique
  • adult frustrations with/when parenting
  • self-care tools for kids and parents
  • understanding and controlling stress responses during conflict (escalation –> deescalation)

Family mindfulness coaching is not therapy, and it does not diagnose or work towards clinical goals. Mindfulness offers a lens through which family members can understand and become more aware of the behaviors and emotional processes of themselves and others. As you gain more awareness you can access more compassion, tolerance, and peaceful acceptance for your feelings, allowing them guide you into problem solving mindsets rather than into stress responses.

I prioritize finding engaging ways to introduce mindfulness concepts to children, and adapt my approach fully to the needs, interests, and aptitudes of your family.

Please contact me for more information.



Curriculum consultations on available for family, child, and school mindfulness topics for parenting groups, educators, companies, and enrichment programs. Please contact me detailing your specific needs for more information.